Decentralised Compact Air Handling Unit

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Pacific Ventilation Sense


Decentralised compact air handling unit for ceiling installation

Sense is the ideal solution for both new and existing buildings. Quiet operation makes it perfect for schools, offices, and conference rooms.


Ventilation is crucial

In poorly ventilated indoor areas with a large number of people, the concentration of CO2 in the air will exceed the recommended values, negatively affecting the health and wellbeing of occupants.

Sense a healthy and comfortable environment for classroom-based learning.

Multiple studies* show fresh, clean air contributes to better concentration during learning, improves exam results, and enhances student and staff productivity.

This just makes sense!

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Available in 2 sizes

2 unit sizes to choose from based on the room size and expected occupancy.

Both sizes provide:

  • Flat, space-saving unit for ceiling installation
  • Continuous fresh air supply
  • Silent operation < 40 dB(A) at 1m
  • Energy-efficient fans with EC motors
  • Easy to install, maintain and control
  • Integrated control system
  • Efficient air distribution throughout the entire space
  • Adjustable air blow direction
  • Aluminum or enthalpy counterflow heat exchanger
  • Heat recovery efficiency up to 90%
  • Efficient fresh air filtration
  • Virucidal filters ePM1 90% Deltri+
  • CO2 control

*23/33 people per VDI6040 or 16/23 per AS1668.2

The unit is fully exposed in the room; however, its design is adapted to be inconspicuous.

Correctly specified and positioned components are essential for the energy-efficient operation of the unit.


The frameless housing is made of painted aluminium sheet (RAL 9010), which makes the unit lighter and more compact.

Maintenance technicians can access components through the bottom of the unit using the doors on the left and right sides and a removable panel in the middle.

Counter flow heat exchanger

Aluminum or enthalpy counter flow plate heat exchanger with high heat recovery efficiency (up to 90%). Sense has a built-in motorised by-pass air damper, regulated by an integrated control system to prevent freezing of the exchanger during winter.

A condensate tray with a Φ28 mm drain connection at the back of the unit is placed under the heat exchanger.

Siphon and drain pump are available as accessories.

  1. Ceiling mounting brackets
  2. CO2 sensor (accessory)
  3. Service switch and a built-in controller
  4. Extract air grille
  5. Supply air discharge grille
  6. Outdoor air filter
  7. Extract air filter
  8. Removable panel
  9. Side-opening hinged doors
  10. Insulation
Simplified connection, configuration and control

The powerful controller built into Sense air handling units allows you to change and set a wide range of built-in functions. The controller enables users to set any operating parameters, select preset functions, and manage the device remotely via an app or the cloud.

Siemens controller provides reliable and easy control of the built-in components and accessories.

With a wall-mounted HMI controller standard, users can manage all key functions and choose between five quickly accessible modes.