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HVAC Selection Software

Using HVAC selection software and picking the right fans for your jobs should be as easy as flicking on a light switch, and now it is when you use our selection software. 

To make using our software even easier, we offer selection software training anytime you or your staff need it. To schedule an HVAC selection software training seminar with one of our fan experts, simply contact us by phone or email. 

Why use Pacific Ventilation HVAC Selection Software?

  • Intuitive to use; easy to learn
  • For pricing, simply download your project FSX file and send it to your account manager
  • Includes a full range of fans and ancillaries to complete any sized HVAC project
  • Output directly interfaces with our recently updated Revit add-in.


Revit add-in

If you and your team use Revit, we have a plug-in app to make adding the most technically appropriate fan to your project simple and easy. Combining our selection software and plug-in app saves time by eliminating costly data transposition errors and makes substituting fans and reversing revisions very easy.  Want to change a fan?  Change of duty?  No problem!  Simply re-select and swap the fan out. Our add-in keeps a record of all fans selected so you can revert any changes.

The latest Revit add-in update includes all the families, updated drawings, and is more user-friendly than ever. 

HVAC Selection Software

REVit Plug-In App