Sound Attenuation

#ByYourSide means we offer lab-certified attenuation solutions by IAC Acoustics.

Never question sound data for attenuation products ever again. We offer 100% reliable, predictable, sound data for attenuation products. No guestimates, no maybes.  IAC Attenuation products are laboratory-developed and tested under controlled conditions.
To further assure IAC’s attenuation products continue to perform, all silencers are periodically tested in IAC’s accredited aero-acoustic laboratory. Practical quality control performance testing ensures all silencers exhibit catalogued Dynamic Insertion Loss (DIL), Self-Noise (SN), and pressure drop performance data. 
Since 1950, professional engineers have confidently specified modular duct silencers from IAC Acoustics to control all types of noise sources in air handling systems with confidence.  Do we have your attenuation now?