Prio 150, 200, 250 – sleek, aerodynamic, straightforward

The prio has aerodynamically optimised impellers and guide vanes and features integrated thermal contacts with manual reset to prevent the motor from overheating. Its unique composite material makes the Prio airtight, minimising the transfer of sound and vibration to ductwork.

Included mounting brackets make installation on walls or ceiling achievable. In addition to allowing for easy installation and removal, the mounting clamp further minimises the transfer of vibrations to ductwork.

Prio 315 – designed for ease of installation

The prio 315 is made from a single piece of sheet steel and features similar aerodynamic impellers as its smaller siblings. Outdoor mounting and wetroom applications are possible thanks to the fan’s airtight casing and IP 55 rated terminal box.

Motor protection is integrated into the electronics of the motor. The included FK mounting clamp makes installation/removal easy and prevents sound and vibration transfer to the ductwork.

During commissioning, finding the desired working point is quick using the included pre-wired 0-10V potentiometer.


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