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Compact, energy-efficient, and, best of all – quiet. Just how inline duct fans should be!

Prio circular inline duct fans have aerodynamically optimised impellers and guide vanes and feature integrated thermal contacts with manual reset to prevent the motor from overheating. Prio’s unique composite material makes the whole Prio range of fans airtight, minimising the transfer of sound and vibration to ductwork.

Available in 3 distinct size ranges, each with its own unique application, the Prio range of circular inline duct fans is an elegant, planet-sustainable HVAC solution for a variety of applications from luxury apartment blocks to specialist office buildings.

The Prio Silent circular inline duct fan has all the features of a Prio with the addition of a unique patented combination of silencer and fan casing as well as the option to change air direction in casing, making it the most advanced and sustainable circular inline duct fans Pacific Ventilation has to offer.


  • Available with EC or AC motors
  • Included mounting brackets make installation on walls or ceilings easy
  • Mounting clamp further minimises the transfer of vibrations to ductwork.


Prio 150-250

This multi-purpose, high-efficiency inline duct fan moves high volumes of air with low energy. Ideal for long ventilation ducts in low static pressure settings.

  • Ideal fit for false or drop ceilings
  • Indoor & outdoor use
  • 100% leak-free fan
  • Built-in thermal overload protection with automatic reset
  • Operable in air temperatures up to 55 celsius
  • AMCA air & sound certified
  • Low ambient noise for quieter operation
  • Quick & easy installation
  • Mounting bracket included

The optimized shape of the aerodynamically optimised impeller provides an ideal air stream. The motor bearings are permanently sealed and self-lubricating for a maintenance-free life. With the motor in the airstream, the fan provides the constant dissipation of heat build-up that gives this fan best-in-class longevity and reliability backed by an industry-leading warranty.

General application examples for the Prio 150-250 include supply or exhaust air duct systems in commercial buildings, schools, gymnasiums, commercial bathrooms, manufacturing facilities with extended ductwork, residential attached garages, extra-long duct boosting needs, and crawlspaces.


prio-315 circular inline duct fan

Prio 315-400

  • Circular inline duct fan suitable for outdoor mounting or wet room applications
  • Made from a single piece of sheet steel to maintain its airtight design at larger sizes
  • IP 55-rated terminal box
  • Compact design
  • High efficiency and low SFP in a real working point
  • Low sound level like every member of the Prio fan family
  • Speed-controllable
  • Simple to install; mounting brackets included
  • Integrated motor protection

The larger Prio 315-400 fans are designed for installation in ducts. The casing is manufactured from a single piece of sheet metal and can be speed-controlled via a stepless thyristor or a 5-step transformer. To protect the motor from overheating, the fans have integral thermal contact with leads for connection to a motor protection device.


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Installation & Maintenance Manuals

Prio install guide 150-250


Prio install guide 315


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