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Pedestal and wall fans are a cost-effective and efficient method of rapidly cooling people, gyms, machinery and work areas.

ASK fans are great for domestic and commercial applications where larger air volumes are required; the ASK fan comes in a pedestal and a wall mount version.

This fan is quieter than similar fans from big box stores, making it perfect for commercial gyms, garage gyms, or other sports areas where keeping athletes cool but able to hear instruction is essential,

We recently installed 2 pedestal fans and a wall fan at a local gym, Crossfit 1010. The gym is 180m^2 and generally has 10-25 athletes working out at any given time. At the height of summer, with all 3 fans running, the coaches and athletes could still hear instructions and music with the fans on full speed. Before installing Pacific Ventilation fans, they were using a similar size fan purchased from a local big box store, and they were so loud they didn’t get turned on very often.

General specifications

  • Heavy duty construction
  • Easy to assemble – supplied in kit form
  • High-efficiency blades with high-quality chrome-plated finger guards
  • Powerful 3-speed, 240-volt single-phase 50 Hz electric motor
  • 0-90° controllable oscillation mode and adjustable tilt of 15° downwards and 60° upwards (on pedestal model)
    • Oscillation can be turned off by removing a simple screw
  • Allows for cool air to be delivered to areas of most need or to broad sweep, covering 90° by approximately 15m.
  • Sturdy cast iron base ensures excellent fan stability for the pedestal model (base designs may vary)
  • 12 Months Warranty

Range of duties

  • Up to 2,600 – 3,300 L/s free air

This product will be available for online purchase! Find out more here.

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