Filter Supply Wall (FSW) Unit


NATA accredited for technical competence. Pacific Ventilation provides the only complete Filter Supply Wall (FSW) Demand Control Ventilation solution in Australia. Designed to deliver filtered air for a wide range of applications, the FSW is for use where direct intake is limited or impractical. Typically these areas include classrooms, auditoriums, libraries, computer rooms, and switch rooms. For most duties, independent testing shows sound well under 40 decibels. The FSW uses a high-efficiency EC motor with integrated motor protection and has an easy maintenance filter to ensure reliability, simplicity, and practicality. With optional external controls and Building Management System (BMS) integrations, the FSW is suitable for demand control and monitoring devices like pollutant sensors.

• Complete FSW Demand Control Ventilation solution
• NATA certified
• For most duties sound is well under 40 decibels
• Easy to change filter
• High-efficiency backward curved impeller
• Thermal overload protection
• 10k potentiometer for easy commissioning
• Quick fix clips for easy maintenance
• Effortlessly add smart controls and sensors

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