AxJet AXP150 Mini Vane-Axial


The AXP150 is a small but powerful axial fan incorporating inlet side guide vanes for maximum efficiency and performance. Ideal for use in small scale ducted exhaust applications in bathrooms, toilets, laundries or any situation where a small, powerful and quiet duct fan is required.

The fan is fitted with a high efficiency impeller matched to a long life motor with sealed for life bearings. Casing is made from ABS polymer which incorporates a guide vane motor mount for improved efficiency.

Speed controllable.
Fans can be mounted at any angle.
High output, compact design.

Rated fan performance has been tested in accordance with the requirements of ISO 5801. Fans sound data has been determined by testing to ISO 3744/3745.

Wiring diagrams and latest data
Fans are fitted with flex leads and plugs. Refer to the latest product datasheet for individual model data and specifications. Datasheets are available from our electronic selection software FansSelect.

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