ACC Air Circulator Centrifugal


The ACC Air circulator delivers jet style air movement in large open spaces such as gymnasiums, school halls, factories and warehouses. By combining high performance centrifugal fans with optimised case and vent design, the ACC Air Circulator is effective in providing comfortable air movement without unnecessary turbulence or noise. The fans can be applied to situations requiring cooling air movement at floor level over large areas where HVLS (MacroAir) style fans are not suitable due to physical obstructions. The compact design of the ACC unit makes it an ideal solution in tight spaces or long narrow areas such as warehouse aisles. ACC Air Circulators are also effective for destratification applications in cooler weather.

Manufactured from sheet steel with powder coat finish. Motors are external rotor types with backward curved centrifugal impellers and sealed for life bearings.

Fully speed controllable.
Ideal for cooling or destratification.
Provides powerful air movement in restricted spaces.
Powder coat finish as standard.

Wiring diagrams and latest data
Refer to the latest product datasheet for individual model wiring instructions, data and specifications. Datasheets are available from our electronic selection software FansSelect.

It is a condition of our warranty that all equipment supplied is installed according to the requirements of AS/NZS3000:2007.

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