Selecting the right fan should be easy as switching one on and now it really is. Check out our re-designed fansSelect selection software. Fill out the form below to be granted access to the fansSelect download page.  Please note: Older FansSelect versions are no longer supported.  Please un-install all previous editions before installing the latest edition.


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REVit Plug-In App

In response to the expanding use of Revit as a drafting tool, we’ve taken the work out of adding the most technically appropriate fan to your project.

Designed to be used in conjunction with our industry-leading selection software fansSelect, and developed in consultation with leading consulting engineers. This REVit plug-in saves time by eliminating data transposition errors.

Want to change a fan?  Change of duty?  No problem!  Simply re-select and swap the fan out.  The app keeps a record of all fans selected so you can make changes from start to finish without creating extra work.

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Revit Family Files

Revit Family Files

Revit Family Files

Revit Family Files


FanZapper app photo.

FanZapper App

Re-launch coming soon! The Fanzapper app is a world first. This standalone app is designed specifically for HVAC professionals!

Installers, service & maintenance contractors, and commissioning engineers now have quick easy access to technical fan information. Being able to view motor data, wiring diagrams and performance curves instantly on-site ensures our customers are always getting the right information and advice.