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We aim to be your most efficient and helpful partner in mastering your indoor air quality and ventilation challenges throughout Australia and New Zealand. #HygienicByDesign

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Ventilation is key and Pacific Ventilation Sense is the answer.

Through multiple highly regarded studies in Australia and abroad, we know fresh, clean, safe indoor air increases concentration and well-being in classrooms and offices. Better grades, better test scores, better productivity, and most importantly safer spaces. We believe safe indoor air quality is a human right.

Pacific Ventilation Sense is now launching in Australia and New Zealand.

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We're serious about helping you through these uncharted supply chain slowdowns. So we've compiled a comprehensive list of fans you can have in 15 business days or less. No jokes, just fans delivered faster than anyone else. Fifteen days or less even includes some built fans. Contact your account manager directly to confirm what fans are available through the Pacific EXPRESS Ventilation Program.

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The DELTRI+ filters are Eurovent Certified and contain advanced virucidal plasma technology. Capable of neutralising or destroying 99% of all viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, as tested by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology.

Safe indoor air quality has never been easier than with DELTRI+ in your AHUs.

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Fan Controls & Dampers – When, where, what.

Webinar – Wednesday, February 8 @ 2pm Melbourne time.

Join our Victorian State Manager Rachael Sparnon-Freeman for a conversation about fan controls and dampers.

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Iris damper.


Indoor air quality for all!

Meet Pacific Ventilation Sense

Sense is a space-saving option for solving indoor air quality issues in classrooms, offices, and meeting rooms without making changes to existing HVAC ductwork.
Safe, clean, indoor air needs to be a priority for every building, and now the solution is easier than ever. 


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