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The DELTRI+ filters are Eurovent Certified and contain advanced plasma technology capable of neutralising or destroying 99% of all viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, as tested by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology.

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Pacific Ventilation has finalised the acquisition of Ravenscroft’s circular fire damper business.

The Ravenscroft Series 2 fire damper meets all of the latest AUS and NZ standards, including AS 1530.4:2014.

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Never question sound data for attenuation products ever again. We offer 100% reliable, predictable, lab-tested sound data for attenuation products.

No guestimates, no maybes.

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Air Conditioning

Our solutions keep people cool, comfortable, and safe. As one of only 3 major HVAC companies worldwide to offer Eurovent Hygenic AHUs we are delighted to be able to also offer the Eurovent Certified DELTRI+ AHU filters as replacements for all major AHU brands, and with all new Pacific Ventilation AHU orders.


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Combine our fansSelect selection software and our newly revised fansSelect REVit add-in and save yourself, your company, and your customers time. Better than ever, our fansSelect REVit add-in has a user-friendly interface, updated drawings, and the installer includes all the families.


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